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If you don't see an FAQ listed for your specific question, you may submit a User Submitted FAQ to the Great Lakes Region. All FAQs will be reviewed and then decided upon if they should be displayed or not on the Great Lakes Region website. So feel free to submit your User Submitted FAQ now!
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Adults How many Liberos can be used in a match? Up to 2 liberos may be designated on the lineup sheet at the start of the match. 1) If zero or one libero is designated on the lineup sheet, the coach may select a different libero for subsequent sets but may not have 2 liberos. 2) If two liberos are designated on the lineup sheet at the start of set one, no changes to those liberos can be made during the remainder of the match.
Adults Are 01, 02, 03 etc. legal jersey numbers? NO. Numbers 1-9 must be single digit numbers. 00 is still NOT a legal jersey number.
Adults Can you wear sweat pants while you are playing? Sweat pants are allowed during cold weather. If more than one player is wearing sweats they must be the same color.
Adults Where can I directions to a tournament? You can get directions from the tournament director, the site, or team rep.
Adults What if my team fails to officiate when scheduled or leaves the tournament and was supposed to officiate the play-offs? You are fined $100.00.
Adults How are the adult team seedings determined? Adult teams are seeded based on pool play and playoff results. See the adult team seeding rules for detailed information.
Adults What is the format for tiebreaker games? All tiebreakers or play-off games will be 1 game to 25 points. Rally score, no cap and switch sides at 13 pts.
Adults What are the formats for pool play? Adult 4 team pools will play 3 games to 21 points unless otherwise noted by the Tournament Director. 5 team pools will play 2 games to 21 point rally score unless otherwise noted by the Tournament Director.
Adults Where can I get an entry form for Adult National Championships? Teams wishing to enter the Adult National Championships must complete their registration through the Advanced Event Systems. A direct link to AES can be found under our Adult icon link. It is strongly suggested that team reps download the entire pre-tournament manual for all information concerning Nationals. This can be found at under the Events link. Anyone with specific questions or if you need help with the AES system- contact the Region Office at 630-986-9000 or
Adults How do I start a team? Contact the Region Office at for instructions on setting up an Adult Team. All registrations are now being done via the National Online registration program. Instructions for registration can be found on our main page.
Adults Whose responsibility is it to provide whistles for officiating pool play in adult tournaments? It is the players' responsibility.
Adults What is the region policy if an adult team only has 4 or 5 players at the beginning of the day? May a tournament director allow them to play but count all those matches as forfeits for that team? The official policy is that they are not allowed to compete! However in the spirit of the game so that other teams do not lose matches that they were expecting to get - the tournament director could allow the matches to be played if the OTHER teams agree but are counted as forfeits.
Adults Is there an extra cost for site insurance? No- the cost of site insurance for practices and tournaments is included in an individuals membership. Also included is a secondary sports accident policy in to cover any injuries that might occur at a sanctioned tournament or practice.
Adults What are the age requirements for High School seniors to play on an adult team? Junior age players may play on an adult team with the permission of a parent or guardian during the regular season if they are not a member of a Junior Club. They however are NOT allowed to compete at the Adult National Championships.
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