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Junior Information - FAQs
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If you don't see an FAQ listed for your specific question, you may submit a User Submitted FAQ to the Great Lakes Region. All FAQs will be reviewed and then decided upon if they should be displayed or not on the Great Lakes Region website. So feel free to submit your User Submitted FAQ now!
Category Question Answer
Juniors Where can I find the web site for a specific Junior Club? Under the "Junior" icon select Clubs, if the Junior Club is listed in red and underlined - click on the club name to go to their specific website.
Juniors Where can I get an entry form for Nationals? All National Entries must be submitted through the Advanced Event Systems. A link to this system can be found under the Juniors icon on our website.
Juniors What is the format for tiebreaker games? All tiebreakers or play-off sets will be 1 set to 25 points. Rally score, no cap and switch sides at 13 pts.
Juniors Where can I find Summer Camp information? To find Summer Camp information- go to the "Junior" icon- select Camps for a link to all summer camps that have been added by the individual clubs to our website
Juniors What, if any ,restrictions are there around coaching club volleyball and coaching or asst. coaching a high school program? The IHSA has the restrictions not USAV-and since they are not our rules we cannot and should not try to interpret them. For information contact the IHSA with any specific questions or pull up their by-laws at
Juniors What is the "regulation" size for numbers on the front and back of shirts? And is there a limit to the size of the logo on the front of the shirt? Minimum size for the numbers is 4" on the front and 6" on the back. Recommended is 6" and 8". There is no size limit for a logo as long as it does not affect the visibility of the number.
Juniors Who needs to have background screens? Background screens are required every 2 seasons for ALL adults (18 or over) affiliated with a Jr Club as well as all officials and official candidates. All directors, coaches, chaperones, managers, board members etc must submit to or have a current USAV background search in force to be affiliated with a club .
Juniors Do you offer a beginning volleyball class for 7 yr olds? Several clubs have programs called "Volleykids" for the early age kids. Check with a club in your area to see if they offer such a program. Our competition ages go as young as 10 and under.
Juniors How do we register for the tournaments in the Great Lakes Region? Do we contact the tournament director specifically or is thier a registration tab on the website? Contact the tournament director directly for info on any event that your are interested in entering. By clicking on the individual tournament on our tournament list in either Juniors or Adults - all of the contact info including entry fee is listed. For adults you may use the online registration form provided under the Adult Info link. To register for Windy City Power League, registration can be found in AES.
Juniors What are the formats for pool play? Pools with four teams should either play 2 sets to 25 points or a full match where the third set is played to 15 points and the teams will flip a coin for the third set and switch sides at 8 points.
Juniors Can you tell me how many feet the 12u can come in off the service line to serve It is HIGHLY recommended that all Great Lakes tournaments for the 12 and under division use what is called the "Volley Lite" ball. This is a much lighter ball that helps the younger age kids find success with serving and passing. When this ball is used there is no step in allowed. When this ball is NOT used a step in would be allowed- however a specific distance is no longer listed in the rule book. The old guideline was a max of 6'.
Juniors If a player attends more than one club tryout and earns a spot on a team at each of these clubs, how much time do they "legally" have before making their decision to commit to one club? Each club is run as a separate business and has their own time limits to commit. The Region understands the difficulty for the Club to hold positions for a player without a committment as well as the players situation wanting to make sure that they find and are accepted to a club that fits their needs. It is a catch 22 situation for all. Questions concerning committing to a club should be addressed to the particular Club Directors
Juniors How many Liberos can be used in a match? Up to 2 liberos may be designated on the lineup sheet at the start of the match. 1) If zero or one libero is designated on the lineup sheet, the coach may select a different libero for subsequent sets but may not have 2 liberos. 2) If two liberos are designated on the lineup sheet at the start of set one, no changes to those liberos can be made during the remainder of the match.
Juniors Is there a limt to the age of a boy playing on a girls team? Boys who meet the 12 and under age definition may compete with the 12 and under girls. Boys who meet the 13 and under age definition may compete with the 13 and under girls. Boys who meet the 14 and under age definition may play with GIRLS 15 or OLDER. To find the specifics on the age definitions (dates change yearly) go to our "Publication" link - select "Forms" and then "Juniors" you can download the form to view this years dates.
Juniors May teams warm up with balls at the team bench or spectator walkways? No- teams are only allowed to warmup with balls during the shared warmup or when they have exclusive use of the court.
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