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Member Registration

Welcome to the Great Lakes Region Member Registration

Please use the links to the right to register or renew your membership with the Great Lakes Region.

For additional SportsEngine Registration links, please select from the desired Registration link documents below:

Junior Membership SportsEngine Links

Adult Membership SportsEngine Links

Refund Policy for Great Lakes Region

Membership, Clinics, Ratings and Seminars:

No refunds, partial or otherwise, will be given for any membership, clinic, seminar or rating session that is more than 30 days after the initial transaction. Refunds due to extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case to case basis.

Background screens, once submitted for processing, cannot be refunded.

Entry Fees:

  • Windy City Power League
  • Great Lakes Qualifier Series
  • adidas Windy City National Qualifier

No refunds will be issued for entry fees if the request is made after the posted tournament closing date in AES. Please note the closing date published in AES before you register in any tournament.

Cancellation & Refund Policy for USA Volleyball

USA Volleyball national registration fees are managed separately from regional membership fees. A request for USA Volleyball registration cancellation and possible refund of fees must be submitted through a Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) on behalf of an individual.

USA Volleyball recognizes two categories of memberships in accordance with the USA Volleyball Membership Categories Document.

Full memberships may be eligible to receive a refund of national registration fees. Cancellation requests must be received within 45 days of purchase.
Limited memberships are not eligible to receive a refund of national registration fees, insurance or processing fees.

USA Volleyball will only consider its refund if the RVA provided the individual a full refund on region membership fees. The following guidelines will be used in the calculation of a refund amount.

Individual participated in USA Volleyball sanctioned program or event
National registration fees refunded less insurance and credit card processing fees
Individual did NOT participate in any USA Volleyball sanctioned program or event
Full refund of all fees

No refunds will be issued when an entire USA Volleyball membership season and/or any portion thereof is canceled or interrupted for any reason.

Other USA Volleyball sanctioned programs and events may utilize different cancellation policies. Please read individual USA Volleyball programs or event information thoroughly.

USA Volleyball reserves the right to make exceptions to their refund policy at its sole discretion.


Choose one of the links below in order to find the type of membership best suited for your needs:

2020 - 2021 Junior Membership Options and Prices
2020 - 2021 Adult Membership Options and Prices


Questions About Registration?

Many of the Frequently Asked Questions about the registration process can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions document. Please look through this document and see if your question can be answered there. If not, feel free to contact the Great Lakes Region Office at 630-986-9000.

Region Changes

To request to have your region reassigned from the Great Lakes Region to another region or another region to Great Lakes Region, please send an e-mail with the member’s name, birthdate, the region they are affiliated with and the region they want to be reassigned to.

Upgrading to a full membership

Use the link for a Full Junior Membership to Upgrade your existing Tryout Membership or Fall Limited Membership. As long as you are taking out the Full Junior Membership on the profile that has an existing Tryout Membership, you will be charged the difference of cost ($55.00 Full Junior Membership-$10 Tryout Membership=$45.00 difference to pay at checkout).

Club Affiliation

When registering SportsEngine will not prompt you to select a club. You will be able to save your membership card via the registration confirmation emails to show clubs proof of registration or simply take a screenshot of your membership in your member profile. Clubs will need to add you into their directory and send a club assignment (an invitation to join their club) via email. Once accepted the club will be able to see if you are eligible and can be added to a roster.


  • All registering should read the details on the specific membership they will be registering for. Different memberships have different requirements (example: Coach’s memberships require an Impact certification and upon completion can be added to rosters as a coach; The adults with junior club membership would be or any site directors who will NOT be coaching a team throughout the course of the year). If you have registered for the incorrect membership, please send us an e-mail.
  • If you will be participating in 2 separate roles (coach and official) you can take out a second membership under your same SportsEngine profile without paying an additional cost. Please use the specific link for whichever other membership you may need as all will have specific requirements.
  • Payment by credit card is preferred.  Have your credit card available prior to starting the registration process.
  • WARNING: Electronic signatures are required; therefore the individual or a Parent/Guardian (for those under the age of 18) should be completing the membership.  Those registering someone other than themselves or their child are committing fraud.
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  If you have any questions, have difficulty registering or were registered in another region, please contact the Great Lakes Region Office at 630-986-9000 or email the Great Lakes Region office at   Please include the name and birth date of the person who needs to be registered and any other pertinent information.  We are here to help make the registration process go smoothly for you.  
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