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Windy City Power League

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Windy City Power League
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USA Volleyball Certified Officials in good standing within their region can register to officiate for the Windy City Power League
by going to the Windy City Power League section of the website.

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University Athlete



The Great Lakes Region Windy City Power League is using University Athlete to provide electronic recruiting rosters to college coaches. College coaches use the UA mobile app at the event to find and evaluate athletes with the custom schedule feature. They upload their work to their online account and manage recruits from there.

UA obtains their rosters directly from (Registration system - AES, SportWrench, TM2Sign). Sometimes there can be errors in the rosters, but your free UA Athlete profile will always overwrite incorrect data. Log in to your free UA Athlete profile 1-2 weeks before this event and check two things:

  1. That you are listed in the roster (on the Roster tab)
  2. That the following critical information is correct: graduation year, scholarship status, email, and phone number

To register for your profile:
To log in to your profile:

College coaches:

The Great Lakes Region Windy City Power League is using University Athlete to provide electronic recruiting rosters and schedules in their easy to use University Athlete Recruiter app (available on iOS and Android devices). Log in to your UA account to purchase the event packet 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

Host Sites Criteria

Host Site Criteria used to be considered for the Great Lakes Region Windy City Power League, may include but is not limited to:

  • Entity must be incorporated within guidelines of the State of Illinois.
  • Facility must be located within the State of Illinois.
  • Venue must be zoned a SPORTS facility for athletic competition (Special Use Permit will be allowed) including but not limited to restroom and parking requirements within the municipality.
  • Adequate parking and adequate bathrooms are a necessity.
  • Person(s) responsible for applying for sanction must be registered with the Great Lakes Region of USA Volleyball, have a current background check and be SafeSport trained.
  • Facilities must be insured with USA Volleyball insurance.
  • All applicants must have full control of all scheduling in any facility they would like to host.
  • The facility and equipment must be approved via the criteria listed in the current USA rule book.
  • For facilities pending final development, architectural drawings may be submitted for preliminary approval with a visual inspection required upon completion.
  • Any member in good standing who requests to host the WCPL must agree that during tournament competition all volleyball participants on all courts within the facility must be registered members of USA Volleyball. In order to be considered as a host for the WCPL the host group must be a primary tenant of the facility and either have a lease with the owners of the venue or own the facility.

Host Facilities will be determined on the following tier criteria:

Tier 1 facility: To be a Tier 1 facility, club must meet all of the requirements plus be an owner or 24/7 lessee throughout the duration of the league. The schedule will attempt to ensure Tier 1 facilities host an appropriate number of dates according to the hosting percentage (see below).

Tier 2 facility: Tier 2 facilities are potential facilities that do not fulfill all of the requirements of a Tier 1 facility and will only be used if Tier 1 facilities are full/occupied. To prevent an excessive number of sites, any Tier 2 site(s) must be attached to a GLR member club qualifying for dates due to their team support of the league to be considered in the schedule (see below).

Tier 3 facility: Tier 3 facilities do not qualify for hosting rights due to failing to meet multiple hosting requirements; however, in cases of extreme needs, the WCPL board can authorize the use of facilities falling in the this category.

All facilities used for the WCPL must be ADA accessible.

Any club who hosts the WCPL must agree to enter at least their top two highest level teams in each age division (i.e. 18/17/16/15/14/13/12) into the WCPL each year. Any exceptions to above must be submitted in writing to WCPL Directors for evaluation and consideration.

All host facilities must have a minimum of four regulation volleyball courts under one roof.

Entity must be able to guarantee Saturday and/or Sunday on a given weekend.

Cleanliness and parking must be monitored.

All facilities must provide a full service concession stand offering healthy choices and a gluten free choice.

Appropriate health certificates must be on display in the concession area from the appropriate county.

All facilities must provide designated eating area.

All facilities must provide a resting area for officials.

The facility must display the appropriate "no firearms" allowed decal in the entrance area.

The facility must agree to follow all of the Health and Safety mandates from the Illinois Department of Health and Local Health Departments.

The facility must follow all local and state guidelines.

All facilities must be approved for the specific use of a sports venue by the local municipality/village/city, etc. and must have a visible occupancy sign as required by the local authorities.

The WCPL may use additional facilities (courts) on an "as needed" basis.

The Great Lakes Region reserves the right to refuse entry into any GLR sponsored event to any individual/club or team that may disrupt/distract/adversely affect the tournament and/or Great Lakes Region’s mission/goals/objectives or otherwise have the potential to adversely affect the reputation of the Great Lakes Region and/or USA Volleyball.

Host site determination

The WCPL scheduler(s) assign specific dates to a host site. The amount of courts & dates that a host site is granted depend on their target court usage; however, the scheduling of sites is hinged on court number and proximity to other sites, and ease of college coaches to see most open teams at one site on a given weekend. Within these constraints, the target court usage will be determined by the following equation:

Target number of court-shifts for a host (number of teams that the host site places into WCPL / total number of teams that all host sites place into WCPL ) * Total number of court shifts needed for the year.

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  USA Volleyball Certified Officials in good standing within their region can register to officiate for the Windy City Power League by going to the Windy City Power League section of the website.
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